Welcome to Cafe Grill

Cafe Grill is a unique Indian Restaurant that specialises in cooking authentic Indian cuisine using ancient Indian recipes, prepared fresh every day, using prime locally sourced produce - all to create the finest Indian dishes.

The limited choice of dishes is to ensure that each meal is freshly cooked to order ensuring the finest quality Indian food. Unlike most Indian restaurants in the UK, the dishes and breads are cooked using a special charcoal burning clay Tandoor oven. This imparts a unique taste and flavour, whilst ensuring the food remains succulentand.


  • Zalfrezi (Chicken/Lamb)

    Best Asian Curry dish in choice of Chicken, Lamb or Prawn

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  • Tandoori Mixed Grill

    Mixed kebab grill combined of Tandoori Chicken, Lamb Chops, Lamb Sheek Kebab .

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